Who We Are

We are a group of engineers, scientists, researchers, doers, and makers – people with technical skills and a desire to make an impact. We are involved in issues as diverse as climate change, social justice, privacy, women and minority rights, and getting money out of politics. We are not a single-issue organization; instead, we empower people with specialized skills to take action using those skills.

What We Do

We provide a local (Boston area) support network for people using their technical skills for activism. Projects people work on are as diverse as natural gas monitoring, linux extensions, and simply reaching out to reporters with technical advice.

If you’d like to be included, please reach out!

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to attend a workshop or lead a presentation. If you have a talk you want to give, we can help organize and advertise. Check out the events calendar for upcoming trainings and visit the Facebook Page.


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